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Fertility and Pregnancy

Merritt is amazing. I have had an interesting fertility journey over the last 2 years, with multiple failed pregnancies (2 ectopic and 1 miscarriage). When I went to see her, the questions she asked, and the way she treated me spoke volumes of her knowledge of fertility and the female body/cycles. I felt comfortable with her right away. She has a kind spirit and gentle yet very knowledgeable approach. She is very clear about the protocol/regiment she’d like for me, but she is not pushy at all. She works with whatever I’m able to do at the time – I appreciate that VERY much in a health care provider. I feel known by her (which is more than I can say for any regular doctors I’ve ever seen), and I can tell she genuinely cares. She has “talked me off the ledge” when I was panicking about this or that. She is wise, well trained, thoughtful…and the list goes on. I can’t say enough about her, if you are even just thinking about it…just go see her now.

I’m so thankful a friend referred me to her, it’s been one of the MOST effective treatments I’ve had for fertility, and I feel more hope for a future pregnancy than I ever have.

Paige C.

Merritt is amazing! I found her when my husband and I learned we had some fertility problems. I was told I had a high FSH/low AMH and that my chances of conceiving naturally were very low. Devastated, we were ready to try anything if it helped our chances, all along thinking we would need IVF. Merritt put a plan in place and started treating me weekly. I am happy to report that after 4 months of treatment we were able to conceive naturally!!! She truly knows her craft. She is caring, warm, and  a great listener. I would highly recommend Merritt to anyone trying to conceive. She has also treated me for major back pain with excellent results. Thanks, Merritt!!

Cindy P.

I went to Merritt looking for help with fertility. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 8 months, and I was starting to feel discouraged. My first visit, Merritt wrote a full health and diet plan for me to “eat myself pregnant” (also a book she recommended), recommended the best supplements I’ve ever taken (I feel great), and I was pregnant within the same month of seeing her! I truly appreciated the time she took to get to know me and listen to how I was feeling. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and I always felt comfortable and in great hands. If you are struggling with fertility, I truly believe Merritt can help you and make a positive impact on your body and mind.

Heather P.

Merritt is amazing!! I have seen other acupuncturists and she is the best! Very kind and listens to all of her clients. I am seeking treatment for anxiety and fertility and she helps immensely. I look forward to all of my appointments. Highly recommended!

Brook J.

I have been seeing Merritt for about 6 months now. She assisted me with fertility acupuncture and I am confident her services played a huge role in our successful egg transfer!

I have continued to see her throughout my pregnancy so far for issues with sleeping, anxiety, and pain.

She is a very gifted person who is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She is very attentive to your concerns and makes you feel very comfortable.

I highly recommend her!

Jenny W.

Merritt kicked off my labour!

I was so overdue (41+4) and desperate I went in and finally asked Merritt to pull out all the stops. We had slowly built up to this stage throughout my third trimester. At first my visits were focused on relaxing and relieving pain from a rear ender. I would then slip into the deepest nap and for days after I would sleep like a rock. It was incredible and much needed relief.

My last visit was wonderful. It was just the usual stuff, being welcomed by warm happy vibed Merritt, hanging in one of her therapy rooms that is styled more like an extension of one’s living space vs a sterile office, trickling water sounds in the background and breathing in herbal yumminess and excitedly anticipating NEEDLES. Oh man, have I told you how much I hate needles? Well I do. Oddly enough I welcomed these ones. They were easy. I didn’t feel them. They’re so tiny. But “it’s not the camera, it’s the operator”. Merritt is so gentle/super stealthy. I left relaxed and free from anxiety. That night I had one of the best, and shortest sleeps ever as I woke up in labour! THANK YOU, MERRITT!

I have no hesitation recommending Merritt. She shows incredible attention to detail and care in her work ethic and patient treatment. She is a super stealthy needle wielding undercover superhero. I am very grateful to have found her. I hope your treatment is as liberating as mine was and will continue to be.

Cheriene G.

I started going to Merritt a few weeks ago at around 36 weeks pregnant for acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture before, but I always wanted to try it, and I heard that it is super cool for pregnancy.

I always leave feeling so rejuvenated, it’s just amazing! Since starting I have started to sleep better, which is nothing short of a miracle, and my whole body just feels better, at a time when I “should” be feeling the most uncomfortable. I am now almost 40 weeks pregnant and still feeling great, much better than I did before I started with Merritt. She is seriously awesome and knowledgeable- she has recommended all kinds of herbs and nutritional info too, which has been super helpful.

My husband has had knee problems for years stemming from a motorcycle accident, and he has also tried acupuncture from Merritt, which he totally loved. He’s only tried it once but he says he already feels a difference in his knee, and is looking forward to getting it done again.

My husband and I have totally enjoyed getting acupuncture from Merritt, she is seriously great at what she does.

Jayne A.

I have received acupuncture treatments from Merritt for issues with pain, as well as fertility issues. Merritt is friendly and professional; she made me feel at ease discussing the issues at hand.  She made a variety of recommendations which I found very helpful and approachable.

Since it was my first time receiving acupuncture, I was surprised at how relaxing the treatments were!  I felt great afterward.

I highly recommend Merritt Jones!

Lauren P.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of receiving acupuncture from the incredibly skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist Merritt Jones.  She listened intently as I described what my needs were, and asked inquisitive questions to best serve me. I felt comfortable, respected and valued as one of her clients.

She took her time to fully understand me and where I was coming from, and developed a custom approach to address my fertility concerns.

Merritt is the best acupuncturist I’ve been to and I can’t recommend her highly enough!  She’s professional, on time, kind, truly listens and creates a complete approach on how to best serve her clients.  Her degree in nutrition is a major bonus.


Merritt is the bomb. After other doctors told us we needed IVF, my wife convinced me that acupuncture might be worth a try rather than spending thousands of dollars with IVF.  Happy to report we are in the second trimester and no need for IVF. I really think Merritt has a lot to do with our success.  We noticed a huge difference in my wife’s health and well being after treatment.

Reproductive Health

If you are looking for a gentle and well-trained acupuncturist, I highly recommend Merritt. Her education is well-rounded and incredibly thorough. I am very careful about who I trust my health with and I have not once regretted seeing Merritt. I’ve recommended her to my closest friends and family!

I was terrified of needles and as a result experimented with everything else before giving acupuncture a try. I wish I had tried it first! Merritt has helped my body improve leaps and bounds. I struggle with PCOS and general hormonal and cycle issues. She has helped me see progress in a matter of weeks, which is incredible because I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to get similar results from numerous diets, hormonal treatments (both traditional and holistic), and all sorts of testing. You name it. I’ve done it.

Acupuncture, when done correctly, is truly incredible! I’ll be forever grateful for Merritt’s gentle and kind approach that kept me from continuing to avoid what I needed most. Make an appointment. You will not regret it!

Jessi A.

Merritt and I were working on some of my menstrual issues.  After about 8 months of treatment, I went back to my ob/gyn for a followup who said “Seems like your issues are gone now!”  Doc even said we didn’t need to do another ultrasound.  Merritt made my issues disappear! Amazing!!  I cannot recommend her enough.

Rachel L.

I started seeing Dr. Merritt Jones at the end of June 2016. Luckily she had an opening the day I called to schedule an appointment, which just so happened to be the evening after an emotional OBGYN appointment, where imaging had confirmed some “worsening” of my endometriosis. Anyone dealing with endometriosis can relate to the the pain and frustration it comes with. I had tried diet changes, exercise, stretching, essential oils, and Over-The-Counter remedies for many years.

I firmly believe that the combination of treatment I received from Dr. Merritt Jones (additional diet changes, acupuncture, chinese herbs and supplements) really helped to improve my overall pain/discomfort during that time of the month, but I am happy to say that last month, I was PAIN FREE! I know the symptoms of endometriosis can wax and wane, however, the full month of absolutely no pain was priceless. Dr. Jones is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and it’s obvious she is passionate about helping others.

Her website allows you to make appointments very easily, but she also encourages you to call to see if there are any additional openings that would better fit your schedule.

Small parking lot, as well as street parking. I’ve never had a problem finding parking.

Chrissie W.

Merritt is incredible! She has a beautiful, light touch both in spirit and her needling technique. She helped me through some nerve irritation in my forearm and now is guiding me to heal my endometriosis naturally.  I am happy to have Merritt as part of my healing team. Highly recommend!

Devon R.

I just started seeing Merritt about 6 weeks ago after a year of trying to get pregnant with no success. My cycles were irregular after coming off of birth control, and I had yet to have a normal 28 day cycle since stopping the pill. After just 6 weeks of acupuncture I finally had my first 28 day cycle! I also normally have very intense cramping during my period, and this month my cramps were very minimal. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Merritt! She is so sweet and attentive, and always answers any questions I have. You can tell she truly loves what she does. I look forward to my appointment every week and have never felt more relaxed than I do during our sessions!

Kim S.

Thank God for Merritt Jones! For most of my life I have struggled with menstrual irregularity. In fact, prior to receiving acupuncture from Merritt I had not gotten my period in over six months! After consulting with Merritt and discussing my concerns with her, she reassured me that I was not alone in my struggles and that acupuncture could help. Her kindness combined with her extensive knowledge was exactly what I needed. Shortly after undergoing treatment with Merritt, my period was back on track! I could not be happier!

Chelsea R.

Merritt is amazing. She helped me through a very difficult recovery after a car accident. We got my inflammation down and the pain to subside so that I could get back to work and activity. We’re also working on family planning and her approach is so much more thorough than the conventional doctors I have seen. She asks really specific and helpful questions while understanding what your body is doing. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through the year without her! She deeply cares about her clients and their well-being.

Christie M.

General Health & Wellness

I have received acupuncture treatments from Merritt for issues with pain, and diabetes.

She has been key in my success in reducing blood levels and pain. She is gifted and makes you feel very comfortable and makes herself very available. I highly recommend her !

I wish I could see her every week !

Dorothy K.

For quite some time I’ve had an undetermined pain on my left side and I did all kinds of blood work, urgent care and at one time even the emergency room, but no relief. In talking to Kim, she told me about acupuncture and at first I was very hesitant because of those little needles but to my surprised it was a piece of cake and after just two sessions I began to noticed a difference in that area as far as pain was concerned, I felt a lot better and to this day I do not have that pain. Thanks Kim!

Levi M.

As a nurse, I can say with conviction that Merritt is a genuine, kind, caring health care provider.

I started seeing Merritt for acupuncture to treat my worsening anxiety. Anxiety can be difficult to talk about, but Merritt made it safe and comfortable to discuss my symptoms and feelings. Her acupuncture treatments were very helpful, and really improved my quality of life. Throughout our appointments she asked thoughtful questions that really helped me feel supported.

We also worked with her on my difficulty with weight loss. She offered great insight and knowledge in that area as well because of her experience as a nutritionist. I found that working on my diet really complemented the acupuncture treatments. After a 21-day program, my appetite was way more controlled, and I felt great!

Throughout this time, Merritt was easily accessible for questions and support. She provided easy to follow meal plans, and taught me the principles behind her recommendations. I learned that there is no “quick fix” for weight loss — she helped me set realistic goals that encouraged a positive body image. I learned to view food the right way- as a source of energy and nutrients- and how to plan my meals accordingly. She helped me prioritize being healthy and active instead of focusing on the scale alone, which did wonders for reducing my anxiety.

Merritt empowered me to make healthy, sustainable changes, and to treat myself with kindness and compassion. I highly recommend her as a health care provider!

Lauren R.

Merritt is truly a gifted healer. Having been to many doctors who barely take the time to look me in the eye before they write out some prescription, it is so refreshing to go to Merritt, who has a wealth of medical knowledge and takes the time to really listen to me and offer great suggestions on how I can improve my health. She is very thorough and always makes me feel comfortable discussing anything.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of needles (I was the kid that always blacked out during blood draws), but she makes me feel at ease and her treatments are gentle (the needles are super tiny!). I feel great after every treatment and I’ve seen some major improvements in my overall health. Thank you, Merritt!

Leah B.

I went to visit Kim for acupuncture after severely spraining my right ankle. After a few questions to get to know me and the nature of my injury, her treatment provided me with substantial pain relief and an immediate decrease in swelling. She also used a ceramic heat lamp which was very soothing and relaxed me so much I fell into a deep sleep. At  the end of the appointment, she left some acupressure stickers on my ankle which helped control the swelling over the next few days. I would definitely visit her again and would recommend her to anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain or discomfort.

Daniel M., RN, BSN

I have worked with many medical professionals in the past few years dealing with chronic health issues, but a remarkable few have truly been “health care providers.”  Merritt, however, absolutely deserves that title and much more. Her depth and breadth of knowledge have undoubtedly informed my treatment and progress.

Her attention, care and guidance over the past several months has helped me in more ways that I imagined receiving acupuncture ever could. She has shown consistent eagerness to finding answers to mysterious problems, positivity in trying new avenues to improvement and heartfelt dedication to helping me heal and become healthy in a long lasting way.  From her gentle and intuitive touch to her active listening, it was clear to me from the start that Merritt was able to tune in to what felt healthy and safe for me.

The experience of chronic and mysterious body pain caused me to be fearful of further pain… I was not exactly keen on the idea of needles. Merritt’s gentle approach however, was comfortable and relaxing, which allowed me to really begin to heal.  Through Merritt’s care I have become stronger, more calm and centered.  My body pain is reducing and my faith in the healing process has been restored.  I will always be grateful for the ways in which Merritt has helped me.

Hillary S.

I first worked with Merritt several years ago- she is such a kind soul with a grounded, caring personality. At the time, I was working with her on IBS along with some other health issues. Merritt was so gentle and understanding- I had a lot of serious issues, which did not seem to phase her! She dove in with determination and constructed a diet and supplement plan for me with daily journal entries to help me get in tune with my body and how it felt.

With Merritt’s sincere and clear-cut guidance my life drastically changed within a couple of months. My body changed and weight came off. My strength and attitude improved along with my hair and nails, which grew longer and stronger.

I highly recommend Merritt because she helped me so much. She taught me how important it was to eat whole foods, and organic products when possible. We even went grocery shopping together to study labels and understand how sneaky ingredients sometimes end up in foods. I am so happy to know that she is following her dreams and creating such a nurturing and thoughtful purpose in life, helping others heal. She has been an incredible blessing to me.

Barbara B.

I reached out to Merritt post breast cancer surgery. Although I was fortunate enough to have inner operative radiation, my cancer was estrogen receptor positive. I read about the Aromatase Inhibitor the Oncologist prescribed- and I was not at all enthused about the side effects!

I called Merritt R Jones. She recommended a regimen that includes a natural form of hormone metabolizer, as well as diet recommendations. At 6 months I’m cancer free and feel fantastic!!! No chemical side effects! Thank you, Merritt!

Teri G.

Merritt has been amazing! I’ve gone through many doctors feeling lousy with mysterious symptoms. It was only after coming to Merritt that I started to feel better. I had a lot of unusual symptoms; my western docs didn’t really know what to do with me. Merritt was able to sit down and really help me sort them out.  The way she worked with me really put my mind at ease – she made me feel taken care of when other doctors just made me feel stressed out.

She was able to recommend a new healthy diet as well as supplements and herbs that were surprisingly effective in helping me feel better. I admit that I’ve been a bit of a skeptic about holistic health, but I feel amazing after following her recommendations- my energy is through the roof, and my many bizarre and uncomfortable symptoms are gone.

Merritt really listened to my needs and worked with me in a way that made me feel understood. She is a very caring practitioner that made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Jessica P.

In September of 2010 I was diagnosed with a 90% blockage of my LAD.
I did not have any damage to my heart, but a stent was put in place to clear up the blockage.

After surgery the doctor wanted to put me on a statin… which I refused.
I had heard too many bad things about side effects. My doctor gave me a couple of months to “get my act” together before revisiting the statin conversation.

I knew that my diet and lifestyle needed to change, but I had no idea how to manage a new diet that would allow me to stay statin free.

This is when I decided to work with Merritt, who offered to help me while still in the hospital.

Merritt was terrific. She took the time to re-educate me about cholesterol and
it’s role in the body and in the diet. I realized there was a lot I needed to learn, but that it was possible to improve my long-term health without the use of a statin drug.

After setting me up with reading material, Merritt worked with me to set up a
basic 5-day starter meal plan for my condition, and also recommended supplements to help manage cholesterol naturally.

She actually introduced me to new foods that I would never had thought about,
but were delicious!

She showed me that by following the guidelines she had set up, I could make this
new food plan work for me as a new life plan by mixing and matching lists of
tasty healthy foods- it was surprisingly fun!

I am happy to say I have avoided the dreaded statin. My cardiologist has
begrudgingly said I am doing fine without it, and I feel great!

I will be forever grateful to Merritt for her hard work and encouragement in
making this happen for me and setting me on such a healthy way of nourishing my
body! She has a wonderfully warm and caring manner that immediately puts me at
ease, and her dedication and love of her work shines through.

I think anyone who had the opportunity to work with Merritt should call
themselves very lucky indeed!

Maureen G.

Merritt has been my acupuncturist and nutritionist for years now and has provided excellent guidance. She has supported me with everything from irregular cycles to basic seasonal cleanses, and has a wealth of information to share.  Her suggestions feel simple and manageable and really work!

I always feel that she is aware of working with me in a style that will match my energy. Merritt is grounded, attentive, and thoughtful in answering my questions; she is full of wisdom and goodness that keep me coming back for more.

Zoe J.

I live with chronic Ulcerative Colitis. When I began seeing Merritt several years ago, it was during a UC flare. I was concerned about the next level of medications the doctors wanted to put me on, so I decided it was time to try working on my diet.

What I loved about working with Merritt was how driven she was to find peace for my gut. Every time I arrived at my appointment she would have new information and lots of questions. She was very gentle when it came to suggesting my new diet and never made me feel bullied into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with.

Working with her was very empowering, which enabled me to succeed in improving my health. By following the meal plans and supplements she suggested, I have found significant relief from much of the ongoing discomfort.  Though I do still have UC, it feels much more manageable now and I am able to enjoy improved health overall.

Sarah D.

I suffer from persistent knee pain from an old injury. After just one acupuncture treatment from Merritt I experienced relief. She has extensive knowledge and experience, not to mention an excellent bedside manner.

Dale D.

I am happy with the care Merritt has given my two young daughters. I was a little concerned my girls wouldn’t get the full amount of appointment time because they are so young. I was pleasantly surprised when Merritt took the full appointment to really focus on each of their needs.

She made them feel at ease and included me in on the conversation, even teaching me some massage techniques for home. She talked my daughters through everything she was doing (acupuncture/massage) and always asked for their permission and/or understanding.

I appreciate that she respected my daughters and really cared for their well-being. She never pushed any packages or products on me, which I appreciate greatly! Each visit was relaxing to be at and my girls speak fondly of her. The prices are competitive but affordable. We will definitely go to Merritt for our family’s well-being support.

Linda K.

I had never been to acupuncture before visiting Merritt and I was a little nervous and unsure if it could really help me. She really took the time to understand my full history, all of my symptoms (allergies), my diet, lifestyle, and make sure I was comfortable. I now look forward to every session – it is very relaxing, and it has already helped dramatically improve my allergies in 3 sessions. She is helping me get off of OTC allergy pills and replace them with herbal remedies, which is something I have been really wanting to do. Merritt is awesome and passionate about what she does. She is easily reached by text or email and very down to earth. I would recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture!

Sharee L.

Merritt is a gifted healer. She’s smart as a whip as well as intuitive, kind and gentle. Every acupuncture treatment I’ve received from Merritt has left me feeling grounded, calm, and full of vital energy. I suffered from some pretty intense insomnia a few years back and needed just what Merritt provided. A thoughtful ear, a gentle touch, and excellent acupuncture and nutritional guidance. She inspires me with her own commitment to health and wellness too.

Kelsey L.

I have had the good pleasure of seeing Merritt as my nutritionist and acupuncturist for a few years now.  Merritt is a great listener, has amazing intuition, and a very soothing touch.  Her treatment has helped me quit smoking cigarettes, relieve back pain, increase my energy levels, and promotes overall balance in life.  I highly recommend Merritt!

Mahrs S.

I have been seeing Merritt once a week for approximately 2 months for knee pain caused by tiny tears in my patella tendon. I had been in severe pain for almost 7 months and was willing to try anything before getting an injection that would put me on crutches for 2 months. My initial meeting with Merritt was wonderful. She is patient and very caring. Merritt was very honest in saying acupuncture MAY OR MAY NOT work for my type of injury depending on how much damage was already done.

After about 6 sessions, I noticed my pain level dramatically decreased with days not having any pain at all. While visiting with Merritt, she has also been able to address digestion and allergy issues.

I LOVE my weekly sessions with Merritt and look forward to them. I leave relaxed and refreshed as if I have gotten a massage.

Acupuncture does not hurt, and for those freaked out about the needles… Merritt creates such a peaceful environment you won’t even notice.

Catherine C.

San Diego Fertility Acupuncture

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